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February 3, 2019

There is one NFL pick on the Superbowl tonight!  

New England Patriots -2 spread against LA Rams for 3% of the bankroll. 

There has been a lot of talk about this Superbowl being the proverbial, "passing of the torch" type game. On one side you have the young, up-and-coming innovative coach in Sean McVay, leading the Rams back to the realm of prominence. McVay has a young core of talent, led by future star QB, Jared Goff. On the other side you have Bill Belickick, the most decorated coach ever at the NFL level, leading the Patriots, who many consider to be the most accomplished dynasty of the last 20 years, led by the greatest QB of all time in Tom Brady. Many have discounted the Patriots this season and believe the Rams will be the team to topple the dynasty. While they are an impressive team, we believe they will be just a bit out of their depth in this game.

There is something to be said about playing in the biggest game of the year on the grandest of all stages. There is a lot of pressure placed on the players to perform and we're just not sure the Rams (as a team) have what it takes to perform at the level that is going to be required to defeat the Patriots on this stage. The Patriots are the more veteran and battle-tested team. They are used to playing on this stage. They also have the motivational advantage of having lost in the Superbowl a season ago. The Patriots aren't a team that misses a second opportunity when it presents itself.

This should be a great game between two quality teams and the entire world will be rooting for the Rams to unseat the most winningest team in the past 2 decades. That being said, this season has been about Brady and company being counted out and showing the world that they still have that championship mentality. Winning the Superbowl would silence the critics, at least until the start of next season, and from what we know about New England, throwing it the face of all of the haters, is exactly what they do best. It should be an entertaining game, but Belichick and company simply outplay McVay and his squad and come away with another Superbowl win, covering the small spread in the process.

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