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October 2, 2018

There is one MLB pick today.


Chicaco Cubs (-125) on the ML against Colorado Rockies risking 3.75% to win 3%.
(Lester and Freeland must start for wager to have action) 

Both the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies allowed their chances to win their division and secure their playoff spot slip away by losing their respective matches yesterday. Both teams now find themselves in the unenviable position of playing in this one-game playoff to determine whose season continues, and whose comes to an end.

An entire season will be summed up in this one matchup, which leaves little margin for error for either team. A poor performance tonight will end one team's season, which puts a lot of pressure to perform on both clubs. Both teams have played well this season and arguably, both are deserving of a playoff sport. That being said, we do believe this contest favors the Cubs.

There is no denying that the Colorado Rockies are a good team, however, as we stated earlier, this is the most important game of the season and one that will put a tremendous amount of pressure on the players. The Cubs are a team that is used to playing on this stage. They are two years removed from ending a 100+ year drought and winning the World Series. They have played in these types of games before and are well equipped to deal with these types of situations. The same cannot be said for the Rockies.

The last time the Colorado Rockies were in a Wildcard game was back in 2016, where the fell to the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is a team that has not had much postseason success over the years and are not used to playing in these types of high-pressure games. They had been surging towards the end of the season, having won 9 of their last 10 prior to yesterday's loss against the Dodgers, which shows that they may not be quite ready for this type of high-profile matchup.

It's hard to imagine the postseason without the Cubs in it, and given that they squandered their opportunity yesterday afternoon, we don't believe they will waste their second opportunity. Jon Lester is a veteran pitcher, who has a ton of postseason experience. If there was a pitcher who Chicago would want on the mound in this situation, it would be Lester. While Freeland has had a quality season, we feel that this moment is going to be too big for him and he will struggle on the mound, especially given the fact that the Cubs' bats were kept somewhat silent yesterday. These are two good teams, but given the all-or-nothing situation, we believe it favors the Cubs.

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