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November 30, 2018

There is one pick tonight.


Buffalo -3 spread (buy the half point) against Northern Illinois for 3% of the bankroll.

The MAC Title game is one that could cause a handicapper to potentially go crazy analyzing all of the different angles and circumstances involved in this matchup. The Northern Illinois Huskies have been perennial contenders for the MAC Title for the better part of the last decade and have become accustomed to showing up big at Ford Field, when the game matters most. That being said, this is not the same Northern Illinois team as in years past.

The Huskies were not the dominating team that we have seen in seasons past. Their offense struggled, the had issues at the QB position, and they relied heavily on their defense to win them games. While the style of game they employed worked, they were at times, very fortunate. They come into this game on a two-game losing streak and haven't looked good. While many could argue that the Huskies already had their spot in the title game locked up at that point, it would be absurd to think that a team can go from playing poorly, to simply turning on a switch and now play well against another title contender, is foolish.

The Buffalo Bulls have enjoyed their most successful season in program history and they appear to be enjoying every minute of it. While Northern Illinois has been perennial championship contenders, Buffalo has traditionally found themselves in the basement of the conference, so they will be the team that is more appreciative of being in the position they find themselves in and will certainly be the more motivated of the two teams in this matchup.

Buffalo has the better offense and has a defense which is on par with the Huskies. They have already shown their ability to put points up on even the toughest defenses the conference has to offer and should be able to score against the Huskies. Meanwhile, given how badly Northern Illinois has struggled to move the football, we expect this to be an ugly game. This likely won't be a shootout, but the better offense will find a way to come up on top and bring the conference championship home to Buffalo.

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