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March 25, 2018

There is one pick tonight that was released on Saturday.


Take Kansas +3 spread against Duke for 3% of the bankroll.

This should be one of the more entertaining games of the tournament between two powerhouse teams of their respective conferences. Given all the upsets in this tournament, this also pits the first matchup between a #2 and #1 seed this tournament, and we don't expect this matchup to disappoint.

The Kansas Jayhawks have been rolling through this tournament, even though the final scores of their games don't necessarily show it, coming away with 4-point win against both Seton Hall and most recent Clemson. Don't let those final scores fool you however, as Kansas completely dominated both matchups before letting their opponents make it look like closer games than they truly were. Most recently, they led Clemson by as many as 20 points before taking their foot off the gas and letting the Tigers back into the matchup. Many people will believe that makes Kansas vulnerable in this matchup, against a run and gun team like the Blue Devils, however, we believe it will have the opposite effect. Kansas has let their opponents claw their way back into games late, however, that cannot be the expectation in every contest. They know what is at stake here and if they have a team like Duke on the ropes, we don't believe they will let up as they have been.

Meanwhile, Duke managed to punch their ticket to this contest in a closer than expected matchup with the Syracuse Orange. Duke did not look like themselves in that contest and we're not sure a performance such as that will be enough against a team like Kansas. What we believe will be the difference in this matchup is the fact that Kansas has won their games in many different ways. They play with four guards on the floor, however, in each matchup, they have switched things up and have been playing much more from the inside out. Their ability to utilize their bigs to collapse the defense has opened their guard play on the wings and allowed for the Jayhawks players to get into rhythm with their shots. Their flow of the game has been much more crisp and clean than that of the Blue Devils at this point in the tournament.

There is no question that Duke is a great team, with a lot of talent at various positions, however, we're not sure that they should be more than a possession favorite in this contest, if even the favorites at all. Let's not forget, Duke is the lower seeded team in this matchup and yet they are more than a possession favorite. This is a game that we believe could go either way and is basically a pick'em. With that being said we believe they is a lot of value in the points as Kansas certainly has the ability to win this game outright.

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