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March 24, 2018

There is one pick tonight.

Take Loyola-Chicago PK spread against Kansas State for 3% of the bankroll.

This is an Elite 8 matchup that very few would have expected at the start of the tournament and yet here we are with the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers taking on the Kansas State Wildcats for a spot in the Final 4.

The Kansas State Wildcats pulled off a major upset in their Sweet 16 matchup as they took down the Kentucky Wildcats. Heading into the tournament, Kentucky was the team that was picked to dominate this region and yet it was the other Wildcats who managed to prevail. It was one of many upsets this tournament, however, we're not sure Kansas State will keep their momentum going.

They Loyola-Chicago Ramblers have been one of the surprise teams this tournament, for pretty much everyone but us. They are a team that is built for success in this tournament and they have proved as such by taking down, Miami, Tennessee, and Nevada to get to this stage in the Big Dance. All that stands in their way of an improbable Final Four berth is an overrated Kansas state team. The Ramblers have gotten to this stage by playing solid, fundamental basketball. They have been able to contain every team thus far, including an offensively explosive Nevada team and we don't see things changing in this matchup. Kansas State has been a wildly inconsistent offensive team this season, and like the Ramblers, have leaned on their defense to get them to this point.

The problem with this matchup for Kansas State is, that even though the Ramblers don't score a ton of points, they are extremely efficient with the basketball. They shoot lights out from three-point range and shoot an impressive 52% from the field. They have won their tournament games by making the shots needed in critical times and limiting the possessions of their opponents. This is something that we believe will be key for this matchup with a much slower paced K-State team. Kansas State cannot afford to going cold on offense and expect to keep pace in this contest as Loyola doesn't waste many opportunities.

Wildcats may be the much bigger named program in this matchup, however, Loyola-Chicago is not going to be intimidated by anything that Kansas State brings. Meanwhile, Kansas State was fortunate to get past Kentucky as we believe they were already looking ahead and underestimating Kansas State in that contest. That won't be the case here. The oddsmakers could not theoretically make a smaller program such as the Ramblers the favorites in this contest against a power conference opponent, although we believe they should be considered the favorites in this matchup. The Ramblers have a penchant for playing in closely contested games, however, they have shown that they can come through in the clutch, when the pressure is the highest and that is the type of mindset it takes to get to the Final Four. The Ramblers Cinderella season continues with another big win tonight.

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