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December 22, 2018

There is one college football pick tonight


Hawaii +1.5 spread against Louisiana Tech for 3% of the bankroll. 

We believe the oddsmakers had it right when this line opened with Hawaii as the favorites, but the betting public has since moved the line to where it sits now, with Louisiana Tech currently a -1.5-point favorite on the road. Given the situation at play, we find that to be completely unwarranted.

The Hawaii Bowl is one of the most preferred bowl invitations each season. Think about it; being an 18-22-year-old college kid and being able to travel to a tropical place like Hawaii for free in the middle of winter?!? Sign me up. It's safe to assume that a lot of these kids have not done much travelling (other than to other colleges) and this trip to Hawaii is likely their first trip to one of the biggest vacation destinations in the world. For those who haven't been there, Hawaii is an absolutely beautiful place and it is quite easy to get lost and distracted with all the island has to offer. Very few players will be completely focused on this game and That in itself is going to hurt the Bulldogs in this matchup.

For the Rainbow Warriors, this is a home game for them, which automatically gives them a huge advantage, but this is not just any home game, this is a bowl game. Hawaii has been notorious for taking a bowl game in their home stadium very seriously. They treat these type of games as if it were their college football playoff and already have a huge advantage just in terms of travel. The Bulldogs had to travel 4500 miles and across two time zones to play in this contest. That alone is enough to cause an already inconsistent offense fits. Throw in the fact that a majority of the kids will be looking at this as a free vacation, rather than a bowl game and this has all the warning signs for a potential blowout.

Hawaii has proven to be a team that can put points on the board in a hurry and should have no issue doing that in their home stadium tonight. They should not be underdogs in this contest but we're going to take advantage of the free point coming our way. Hawaii wins outright tonight.

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