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November 13, 2017

There is one pick tonight.

Take Sacramento Kings +11 spread against Washington Wizards for 3% of the bankroll.

The Wizards are a good team but their squad personality is somewhat arrogant overall and that leads to complacency at times. They often play up and down to the level of competition and that makes covering big spreads a tricky proposition for them. They do enough to win games but not necessarily by the large margin the betting public expects. In this particular matchup, we believe Washington will have a tough time winning by double-digits which means all the value is on the underdogs.

The Kings are in rebuilding mode and have one of the worst records in the NBA at the moment but they have shown flashes of brilliance and recently secured a morale-boosting 1-point victory against the improved 76ers. They finished that game on a 7-0 run with rookie De’Aaron Fox hitting the game winner! They were magnificent in the closing minutes of the game and showed the type of determination and teamwork that builds chemistry within the squad. The players were wildly celebrating after the game was over and it was evident that they are a close-knit group with very little selfish play involved. They followed that up with a stinker against the Knicks in what was the first game of their road trip but having come back down to earth, we expect a better effort from them tonight.

Washington lost outright to the Mavericks on Nov 7th in a game that we had predicted they would struggle. They then bounced back and won the next two games with ease securing double-digit victories! That was a natural response by a good team that had a point to prove after losing to the lowly Mavs. They also had revenge in mind against the Lakers, whom they had lost to in Los Angeles earlier this season. Having dispatched the Lakers and then divisional opponents, Atlanta Hawks via blowouts, we wouldn’t be surprised if the fail to match that intensity tonight. That’s because they are now fat and happy again after a couple of decisive wins and also have a home-and-home set with Miami Heat coming up. The Heat are not only a potential Eastern conference playoff team but another team in the same division (Southeast) and so the next two games are very important for John Wall and company.

What about this particular matchup then? Is this of high-importance to the Wizards? Not so much. A game against a Western conference minnow isn’t exactly one they’ll get up for. This is one of the lowest profile matchups for them this season against a West coast opponent that they have little history and beef with. They also took care of the Kings easily in Sacramento earlier this season, winning by 27 points! That means Dave Joerger’s side has revenge on its mind and at the very least wants to atone for that game and put up a better showing while Washington is likely to overlook its opponent. After all, they blew out this team easily on the road and now get to face them at home. That might create the false impression that it’ll be a walk in the park for them. We tend to disagree. If they’re not careful, the Kings could give them a fight and ultimately we believe 11 points is too much to lay with the hosts in this spot. We’ll gladly take the points knowing they could very well come into play.

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