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November 7, 2017

There is one pick tonight.

Take Dallas Mavericks +10 spread against Washington Wizards for 3% of the bankroll.

The Wizards are the better team in this matchup but not by as much as the spread suggests. This might look like an easy game for them on paper but on the court, it could actually prove difficult. That’s because Washington is a team that plays down to the level of its competition and has some complacent tendencies due to the personality of some of its prominent players. The likes of John Wall and Markieff Morris sometimes under-estimate the opposition and don’t necessarily give them the respect they deserve. That leads to the Wizards winning games but not necessarily covering spreads, as shown by their 1-5 ATS mark in the role of favorites this season!

Washington is at its best when being doubted and looked down upon, that’s when they make sure everyone knows just good a team they are as they have a point to prove. In a matchup like this against the team with the worst record in NBA right now, they might incorrectly assume that a less than 100% effort should still be enough to see them clinch victory. And while that may be true, covering the spread and winning by double-digits is a lot less likely when the entire squad is not fully focused on the task at hand and might have one eye on its upcoming schedule.

Dallas is 1-10 to start the season and sits dead last in the Western conference. They, along with the Kings are the only NBA teams to have won only one game so far this season! Yet mathematically, they are even worse than Sacramento in the standings because they have 10 losses compared to the Kings’ 8 defeats. It has clearly been a rough start to the season for them and there’s no denying that. Having said that, we believe this is a team that is better than its current win-loss tally suggests. The Mavs won’t be making the playoffs this year but we don’t see them as the worst team in the conference nor NBA neither! We believe they’ll put together some wins over the coming weeks and move up to a more respectable position in the standings. Keep in mind that Dallas has a lot of veteran players on its roster and they are prideful ones such as Dirk Nowitzki, JJ Barea, Devin Harris, Wesley Matthews among others. These players aren’t used to losing this many games and are keen to bounce back.

Rick Carlisle is a very good coach and one that is the longest-serving head coach in the NBA these days after Gregg Popovich! He’s been in charge of the Mavericks for over a decade now and has the respect of his players. He’s a great motivator and will demand a response from his playing squad. With Dallas on a 6-game losing streak and having won only one game thus far this season, look for an all-out effort from them! They are motivated and hungry to change perceptions as they’re currently the laughing stock of the league and unexpectedly so! They weren’t expected to challenge by any means, but they didn’t see themselves going 1-10 to start the season neither. Look for them to give it everything they have in this contest, especially since they are playing on 2 days rest and have no excuses on fatigue or tired legs. Furthermore, their next game isn’t until Nov 11th, meaning they can focus solely on the matchup at hand! The same can’t be said about Scott Brooks’ side, a team that faces the Lakers in two days and has revenge on its mind after being upset in overtime recently in Los Angeles. We expect this game to be closer than most anticipate and be decided within single-digits. If that’s the case, even if the Mavs fall short of the outright ‘W’, they should do enough to cover this generous point-spread.

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