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December 1, 2016

There is one pick tonight.

In addition, a college football selection has been released a day in advance!

Take Minnesota Vikings +3 spread against Dallas Cowboys for 3% of the bankroll.

The betting public is in love with the Cowboys! As if 'America's Favorite team' wasn't already such a popular franchise, their current winning streak has them tremendously hyped up. A bit too much, if you ask us. The media is all over them and they're getting tons of attention at the moment. They aren't invincible however and will have a tough time walking out of Minnesota with a 'W'. The Vikings, themselves, were overvalued earlier this season after getting off to a hot start, and when the betting public jumped on, it was too late. Their 5-0 start seems a long time ago and with just a 6-5 record, many are writing them off as a mediocre bunch.

As much credit as the two rookies, Dak Prescott and Ezequiel Elliot are receiving, it is the Dallas offensive line that is truly impressive. They would make most QB's and RB's look good in this league, given the way they have protected their playmakers. Prescott and Elliot deserve credit and have been outstanding so far this year but we don't expect these two rookies to continue to put up flawless performances! Sooner or later, one or both will have an off-game and it could very well come tonight against this stout Minnesota defense. The Cowboys haven't faced a defensive unit as stingy as this one and might have a tough time finding the 'holes' they usually do.

The Vikings are extremely well-coached and prepared for each and every game and even though Mike Zimmer won't be on the sideline tonight, we don't see it as an issue. He and the co-ordinators have prepared a solid gameplan and if anything, his absence should fire up his players. After all, this absence is coming due to an emergency eye surgery after he torned his retina! The players love their 'tough' coach and will get up for him. As if ending Dallas' lengthy winning streak wasn't motivation enough, the health of their head coach gives them further incentives.

Earlier in the season, Minnesota would have been installed as a FG favorite over the 'Boyz and yet recent results mean they are now home underdogs against a red hot Cowboys team that is suddenly being called a 'contender' by everyone. The Vikings are still the more polished group in our opinion and have the better defense. Defense oftens wins matchups such as this and we give Minnesota the advantage in most areas of the game. One of the few aspects in which Dallas might have an edge is with kicker Dan Bailey who's truly consistent. Blair Walsh, on the other hand, has had his fair share of ups and downs.

All in all though, we expect Dallas' winning streak to come to an end tonight! In worst case scenario, we anticipate this game having a similar finish to Minnesota's game on Thanksgiving vs. the Lions when they threw away a healthy lead in the final minute and went on to lose by a field goal. All the value is with the underdogs in this spot as they are actually the team more likely to win in our opinion. We'll gladly take the points as an important bonus, knowing they may come into play late in the game while also providing us with the ability to 'push' if Dallas wins thanks to a late Dan Bailey field goal. The Cowboys are in a much safer spot as far as the standings go than their opponents tonight. They have a healthy lead over the rest of the division and own by far the best record in the NFC! The Vikings are locked in a tight battle in the NFC North, in what is a very competitive division this season and need victories to stay in the hunt. Look for them to make the most of 'home field advantage' as they bury public bandwagoners.

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