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February 1, 2015 (Posted at 11:00 AM ET)

Sports Profit System and its loyal clients have 3 excellent reasons to celebrate:

1) January brought in 44 units of profit minus a little bit of juice and was the perfect way to start the year! It is only the beginning for SPS as we will go on to break all records in 2015 and enjoy a truly wonderful year! Those who treat this as a long-term investment will reap the full rewards as in previous years.

2) More impressive than a fantastic month is the fact that we'll be enjoying our 7th consecutive highly profitable week regardless of what happens today. 

3) Most importantly, we have profited handsomely from another NFL season! Those that put their faith in us back in September and wisely remained the course throughout, enjoyed another lucrative football season! 

Take Seattle Seahawks on the Money Line against New England Patriots risking 3%

Many are able to get this line at PK while others have -1. We recommend placing this bet at PK or on the Money Line which are both available for as little as -107 odds in several sportsbooks and casinos.

This way the team simply has to win and we are not laying any points. It is the safest option in championship games.


There has been a lot of talk about the two quarterbacks in this contest. The media has been sure to emphasize the experience and accomplishments of Tom Brady and rightly so but what they have failed to mention much is that there is another QB who is taking a very similar path. Russell Wilson is the unquestioned leader of the Seattle Seahawks. The path that he is on almost mirrors that of Tom Brady in the early stages of his career. Both quarterback were not heavily touted out of college and were mostly an after-thought in their respective NFL draft. Wilson was taken in the third round of the 2012 draft and was thought to be a backup to Matt Flynn; Brady meanwhile was famously taken in the 6th round back in 2000. Both managed to win their first Super Bowl in just their second season in the league! Wilson has a strong defense and running game around him, which has allowed him to develop his game, these were the very assets that helped Brady blossom in his early years as well. 

The similarities between these teams do not end there. It transcends down to the coaches as well. Pete Carroll was the predecessor to the Bill Belichick era in New England. Belichick completely revived the Patriots franchise into the power house that they are today. Meanwhile Pete Carroll re-established himself at the college level; winning a National Title and making his way back to the league as coach of the Seahawks. In his tenure, Carroll has completely turned this franchise upside down and now has a chance to coach against his former team in the biggest stage of them all! His Seattle Seahawks will be looking to become the first back to back Super Bowl Champions since New England a decade ago! With the history lesson out of the way, let’s get down to the matchup itself. 

The Patriots punched their ticket to this game by completely dismantling the Indianapolis Colts. That win however sparked some controversies. By now the entire country has heard about the deflated balls. That is all that anyone has been talking about leading up to this game. Whether the Patriots violated the rules or not is of no concern at this point, however it certainly did provide quite a distraction for them over the last two weeks. Belichick, Brady and even owner Robert Kraft have come under fire from the media in an attempt to exploit this news story. Belichick himself had said that this was an unnecessary distraction that actually took away time from getting his squad prepared for the biggest game of the season. Whether the players will admit it or not, this was something that occupied their focus and that isn't helpful.

The Seahawks are the most complete team in NFL! They also have the best running game in the league. When a team can run the football and move the chains on the ground, they become incredibly difficult to stop, especially in the latter stages of the game when fatigue sets in. Marshawn Lynch is the catalyst of the Seahawks running game and a proven performer in high-pressure situations. Lynch has carried the ball a total of 1,673 times this season and has gained a first down on 26% of his touches which is the highest mark of his career! Lynch is best known for his physical running style and his ability to break tackles which makes him extremely tough to take down. He averaged 2.53 yards after contact on 280 rushes this season which increases in the 3rd and 4th quarters of games against tired defenses. The second half of football games is when Seattle has been at their best. Lynch has been nearly unstoppable after half time getting 146 of his 183 total yards against Green Bay in the last 30-plus minutes (including overtime) of the NFC Championship game. Baltimore Ravens RB Justin Forsett managed to run all over New England in the divisional round, racking up 129 yards on 24 carries and we believe Lynch and Wilson could be in for big games tonight. 

Lynch's ability to draw defense in has also been what has set up the play action pass. Seattle does not have a marquee receiver on their team; however their ability to command so much respect for the run has been what has set up the deep ball downfield. Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse may not be household names but they have been instrumental in the Seahawks passing game. They also have talented tight-ends who are getting more comfortable with each passing week. Russell Wilson only attempts approx. 20-25 passes per game, but when he does, they usually turn out to be big plays for huge chunks of yards. Wilson's decision making is arguably his greatest strength. He is a calculated quarterback who has spoken at length about how he visualizes his plays. He sees a play and he executes and that has made him dangerous. The read option was supposed to be a fad in this league with both RGIII and Russell Wilson bringing that style from the collegiate level. RGIII managed to blow out his knee twice but Wilson has ran it to perfection. His ball faking ability and general awareness of whether to hand the ball off or pull it out and run has been critical in keeping drives alive. Wilson's mobility and ability to improvise and scramble out of the pocket is the biggest challenge of all and key to Seattle's offensive success. Opposing defensive units hate having to take into account his ability to make plays with his feet and that'll be a challenge for the Patriots defense today.

As if having to contain the balanced Seahawks offense was not a big enough challenge, New England also has to deal with the number 1 rated defense in the league! The Seahawks call themselves the Legion of Boom for good reason. Their defense is extremely physical. They play a smash mouth style of defense and have great instinct and anticipation in finding the ball. Richard Sherman is arguably the best corner in the game and a great player that people love to hate. 24 interceptions in his first 4 seasons is a magnificent accomplishment. Then you have Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor in the backfield waiting to lay a hit on an unsuspecting receiver. They are quick, they are strong and they are nothing like what Brady has been used to seeing in his career. New England is not a deep passing team, they prefer to throw short passes inside which plays directly into the strength of the Seahawks defense. Brady has always been quick to get the ball out of his hands, but he has struggled in the past against physical teams with a good pass rush.  He found it difficult against the Baltimore Ravens who have a similar pass rush to Seattle. Michael Bennett is a beast on the line and will be trying to get into the New England backfield all game long. Brady is not a quarterback who likes to get hit. He has been great at stepping up in the pocket in his career to avoid the rush; however teams like Baltimore have proven successful when they have a rusher come straight up the middle and that is what we may see from the likes of Bobby Wagner today. Expect to see a similar blitzing scheme from Carroll this evening. 

The public perception of these teams has been skewed after the conference championship round! The Patriots punched their tickets to the Super Bowl by completely dominating the Colts in the AFC Championship game. New England wanted to leave little doubt that they were the best team in the AFC and put on an impressive offensive display. Meanwhile the Seahawks struggled severely against the Green Bay Packers as we had expected. Green Bay dominated the Seahawks for the better part of 3 and a half quarters to cash our ticket. And yet even down 12 points with just 2 minutes remaining, the Seahawks were still not ready to quit and believed they could take it! They mounted an improbable and historic comeback to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. While some will look at that performance as lucky and that they are fortunate to even be playing in this game, we see it as something else. This Seattle Seahawks team appears to be a team of destiny. There is something special about this group. They play football with a huge chip on their shoulders and buy in completely to the philosophies and core values of the coach. The way that they managed to overcome their critics in the early part of the season to the way they almost miraculously won the NFC Title game showed their tenacity and character! They did it against a team that we believe to be the second best in the league, the Green Bay Packers and that shows that this Seattle team is destined to make further history and repeat as Champions. They have gone through it all. They have been in this high pressure situation before and rose up to take down another high octane offense in the Denver Broncos last year. 

This game is not played in the cold weather in Foxboro. It's in a dome and a venue that the Seahawks actually know very well having already played there this season, defeating the Arizona Cardinals. While this is a neutral site, this would constitute a more familiar stadium for Seattle than it would for New England. Let's not forget that Wilson already has a victory over Brady in his career, winning that game the same way they won the NFC Championship game against the Packers, on a deep ball over the middle. In our opinion, Seattle is the better team and has more ways to win this game. Even with the Seahawks playing their absolute worst game of the season, they still managed to defeat an excellent Green Bay Packers team. We believe they will have an easier time than they did two weeeks ago against the Packers and lifts the Lombardi trophy once again. 

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