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May 14th 2014 - Posted at 5:00 PM Eastern Time

Our MLB scouting is nearly over and starting tomorrow, there will be at least one baseball pick on most days. The focus will be on evening and night matchups (NOT afternoon ones) on regular weekdays.

Most others jumped right in and have already lost $1000's this baseball season! But we've released less than a handful of picks thus far as 1% leans and done well. Patience and preparatory research is key to success in sports betting and will pay off as we look forward to a long successful season ahead!

The Fifa World Cup is also less than 30 days away and we could not be more excited! There will most likely be some futures released before the tournament kicks off!

Take the UNDER 209 Total in Portland Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs risking 2%

Tonight is Game 5 of this series between the Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs have thoroughly dominated with the exception of Game 4 and will have a chance to close out this series in front of their home crowd at the AT&T Center tonight.

As we had stated the Spurs had been the dominant team in this series and prior to last game had held the Portland offense in check holding them to just an average of 98.5 points per game in this series. While that doesn't seem like a great defensive number, considering it is over 8 points lower than the Blazers season averag, it actually is pretty impressive. The Spurs have found a way to slow down this normally potent offense and done so consistently. San Antonio finally had an off performance last game as we predicted. We had stated last game that the Spurs were playing somewhat "above" what their seasonal average and that a regression was bound to happen sooner or later. We successfully bet the 'Under' in the previous game of this series and that matchup saw the total land 15 points shy of the mark cashing out easily! Whether the Spurs' struggles were caused by a change in the Portland defensive scheme is up for debate but the Blazers did capitalize.

There has been no bigger game all season than the one tonight for the Trail Blazers. If they don't win this game, their season is over and so we expect to see a maximum effort from everyone on the court to prevent that from happening. Portland can not allow this game to turn into a shootout, especially with them being on the road in one of the tougher venues in the league. The Spurs are an extremely efficient offense at home and Terry Stotts knows that his team will have to find a way to contain Tony Parker. If Portland can continue to challenge the 3 point shot from the Spurs, then they will have a chance in this game. As for the Portland offense, Mo Williams is likely to be sidelined for tonight's game which is going to hurt what is already a low scoring Blazers bench. There may be a chance that Williams could suit up and play but even if he does, he will not be at 100% and should be somewhat limited.

Many are predicting a San Antonio bounce back after their somewhat poor performance in the last game. The Spurs are a veteran team and we're not quite sure they completely "buy into" all of that bounce back stuff. They truly have nothing to prove at this point. They have dominated the series and are in a fantastic position to advance to the Western Conference Finals with a win tonight. We feel that is going to be their main focus. They do not need to be flashy on the floor or go out and prove anything by lighting up the scoreboard. They simply need to win this game and we feel that is where their motivation will lie. The total in the last meeting was 211, which was the highest it had been all series. Tonight it sits at 209, which shows an adjustment but only a slight one. We feel that this total is a couple of points too high given the gravity of this game for both teams. We don't see this being a completely offensive battle with each team running up and down the court for 4 full quarters! This should be at times a methodical game in which the teams may be cautious to avoid mistakes. This game should be closer than the previous ones and defenses will be improved having seen each other repeatedly. We don't expect this to go to overtime and if it can avoid that, it should stay under this inflated number.

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