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June 12th 2014 - Posted at 11:00 AM Eastern Time

IMPORTANT Announcement:

The 2014 FIFA World Cup commences today and we could not be more excited! As the world's most loved, watched, hyped and wagered on sporting event and one that rolls around only once every 4 years, the World Cup presents some excellent opportunities! Sometimes this value comes in single games but often in futures (outrights) and match props.

All SPS picks will be posted at 11:00 AM ET for the following 31 days and NOT at 5:00 PM ET as they have been.

#1: Take Edinson Cavani (+5500) to finish as tournament top scorer risking 1% to win 55%!

#2: Take Fred (+1950) to finish as tournament's top scorer risking 1% to win 19.5%!

#3: Take Miroslav Klose (+4500) to finish as tournament's top scorer risking 1% to win 45%!

#4: Take Robin van Persie (+4000) to finish as tournament's top scorer risking 1% to win 40%!

#5: Take Felipe Caicedo (+50000) to finish as tournament's top scorer risking 1% to win 500%!

Today is a special case because for the first time in a long while, we will not be wagering on a particular game. Instead we're taking the opportunity to take advantage of some inaccurate prices on pre-tournament player futures or what some call 'outrights', which have the potential to prove FAR more lucrative than winning a single game wager.

The 5 aforementioned strikers have all the right attributes to succeed in this World Cup! They possess great shooting as well as aerial abilities, are highly experienced and the focal point of their team's attacks and have a habit of perfoming in high pressure situations. They are mentally strong and leaders of their respective nations. If they can avoid serious injuries and are able to help their teams progress beyond the initial group stage, one or two may well end up as front-runners in winning the prestigious Golden Boot award!

As evident from the extremely high pay-off odds, these are speculative bets. Nonetheless, they are ones that SPS will be risking its own bankroll on and HIGHLY recommends placing. The following odds are based on the popular sportsbook 5dimes where they are currently inaccurately priced. They present ample betting value in most other sportsbooks as well. Unlike other SPS picks, these are not bets that we necessarily expect to win BUT they do provide huge value since these players have an above average chance of finishing on top. If ANY of the 5 players goes on to do what they are capable of, then it will have certainly been worth the small risk given that it will tremendously expand bankrolls!

These are 5 very small bets (1% leans) that could prove very fruitful in about a month when the tournament has come to an end. They are speculative in nature but well worth the minimal risk. Clients often ask for parlays and while we do not often provide them, pre-tournament futures such as these are as close to a potentially lucrative parlay as it gets.

Note: For those that aren't familiar, the tournament top scorer which is what we're wagering on, is also called the Golden Boot winner; NOT to be confused with the Golden Ball winner which is the MVP award that goes out to the best player of the tournament.

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