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February 2nd 2014 - Posted 11:00 AM Eastern Time

It's been another exciting and lucrative football season but this time Sports Profit System clients have even more reasons to celebrate as we will officially finish with the highest profit regardless of what happens today!

Those who were here from the first game of the season back in September experienced both ups and downs but were ultimately rewarded with great long-term results.
A 15-6-2 NFL streak coming into today's contest has helped finish the season on a high and took our football profit to new levels!

All season long, we believed that Seattle and Denver were the two best teams in the NFL and that's why we regularly backed them when the situation and the spreads called for it. This was also the case when we had fairly easy decisions to make when they faced SF 49ers and the Patriots in the NFC and AFC title games.

Today, it is much harder to pick a side as there are numerous factors that advantage either team and a case can truly be made for both. As fans, we can't wait to see how it all unfolds but from a wagering and handicapping point of view, the best bet is likely to be the 'Under' by our estimates.

Take the UNDER 48 Total in Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos risking 2%

This is it. The final game of the 2013-2014 NFL season and what a season it has been. There were some ups and downs of course but ultimately it has been a great season, with no other service profiting more from football than SPS this season!

In both the AFC and NFC conference championship games, we provided clients with the teams that we felt had a clear distinct advantage.
Both the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were clearly the better overall teams and enjoyed home field advantages throughout the playoffs. Today, we get a matchup that we very rarely see. A true #1 vs #1. We have the number 1 AFC seed and the number 1 NFC seed teams squaring off in the Superbowl. Not only are these teams the best in their conference, this matchup also pits the #1 overall offense against the #1 overall defense, something that is happening only for the 5th time in Super Bowl history! As fans, we are eagerly awaiting what should be an exciting game to watch, but from a betting perspective it is tough to determine who will cover.

There are numerous advantages that each team will hold over the other. The passing game of the Broncos against the elite passing defense of the Seahawks, the experience level of Peyton Manning and the Broncos against the young and confident players of the Seahawks. Manning has historically struggled in cold weather, but this season has seen him playing at an even higher lever. There are many factors that can be analyzed and talked about that both favor and hurt each side. For that reason and many others, we feel that the total offers the most value today.

The key to the Seahawks offense has been Marshawn Lynch and the ground game for the most part. Seattle needs the ground game to be established to open up the play action game that has worked so well for them this season. The Broncos however sport one of the leagues top defenses in stopping the run. They have the most dynamic passing game in the league and yet the Seahawks sport the leagues' best defense in stopping the pass. Each teams' strength on offense is the opposing defenses' strength which means that both teams will have to develop new strategies in moving the ball down the field.

This is also the Superbowl! Nerves are going to undoubtedly play a factor, at least in the early going. This is the biggest game of these players' careers and no one is going to want to make a mistake. Cautious, conservative play will probably dictate the pace of the game for the most part. We have also seen that both teams can be incredibly efficient at sustaining long, methodical drives this season. Denver broke a season record for the longest recorded drive going 98 yards and taking over 7 minutes off the clock against the Patriots! Those type of drives are absolute "Over" killers as they limit the number of possessions each team gets and take valuable seconds off the clock. If both teams can limit the play of the opposing quarterbacks, that is where this game will be won.

Both of these teams have also been used to playing in the comforts of their own home stadiums throughout the playoffs. This is a change of venue for both so it may take some time to adjust to the unfamiliar venue. Last but not least, the weather could also come into play tonight as there is a slight chance of precipitation during the game and winds are expected to be between 5-10 mph but could pickup throughout the game.

These are the two best teams in the league hands down and deserve to be here. The team that makes the critical mistake such as committing turn-overs will find it very costly. We expect the coaches to be cautious and methodical with their decision making in order to limit mistakes and chances for turnovers. The Seattle defense will do their part as they have done all season and we expect to see a more deliberate attack by John Fox as we have seen recently and not necessarily their "run and gun" style of up-tempo offense that they used early in the season. Meanwhile the Denver defense is under-rated both in putting pressure on opposing QBs like they did against Brady and Rivers, as well as in other areas where showed they are better than most think in the playoff games against the Patriots and the Chargers! They will have a bigger challenge facing a dual-threat QB like Russell Wilson but have gotten better as the season has gone on and should keep him somewhat in check. This should be a great game, but we feel that defenses will prevail and keep this number low and there may even be more FGs than TDs. Take the Under 48 Total.

Other notable facts to consider:

  • The Seattle defense allowed an average of just 14.6 PPG and 282.5 total YPG all season long!
  • The 'Under' is 6-3 in the last nine Super Bowls.
  • 7 consecutive Seattle games have gone 'Under'!
  • All 4 playoff games have gone 'Under' this season including the conference championships.
  • The 'Under' is 7-2 in Seattle games when the total has been set between 42.5 to 49 points.

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