Tyson Ross and the Padres had great value as huge (+215) underdogs with SPS anticipating a close low-scoring battle but a late 2-run homer gave the public and Dodgers a 2-1 win!





  • What is Sports Profit System?
  • Sports Profit System is the #1 handicapping (sports forecasting) service in the world!

    SPS helps sports bettors make more informed decisions by providing quality predictions backed by extensive research and experience.

    The vast majority of sports bettors lose long term. Some do better than others and some even enjoy brief periods of success but in the long run, most lose thousands of dollars because they are unaware of the many subtleties of the sports betting market. Experience and expertise make all the difference when it comes to being on the correct side of games and that's where SPS excels. By following our proven bankroll system and picks, you will have more success betting on sports than ever before!

    Every day our team of experts studies the scheduled games from all possible angles to identify the best investment opportunities. Clients then view the daily picks by logging into the exclusive Members Area. All picks are accompanied by detailed analyses explaining the rationale behind them.

  • Why Sports Profit System?
  • Anyone can claim to offer good advice but how many can actually back it up? Most promise the world but fall well short and have no proof of prior success.

    Numerous factors have contributed to making SPS the most reputable brand in the industry. The two biggest features that set us apart from other services are:

    • 100% Transparent Results
    • Win or lose, every pick is recorded on a nightly basis on Our Performance page. SPS firmly believes in posting all past results because it knows that smart investors do not expect to win each and every night but instead look at the big picture. In an industry where false promises and exaggerated claims are rampant, an honest, accurate record demonstrates SPS’ commitment to integrity. Simply scroll up and down the performance page and click any green or gray entry to view that day’s expert picks and analyses.

    • Expert In-Depth Analysis
    • SPS employs the industry’s leading handicappers who research, discuss and evaluate each day’s scheduled games. All posted picks are accompanied by a detailed expert write-up giving SPS members an insider’s look into the rationale behind each wager.

      Click HERE to view 2 examples!

  • When will I receive the picks?
  • The picks are posted in the Members Area at 5:00 PM ET (Eastern Time) from Monday to Friday and at 11:00 AM ET on Saturdays and Sundays. Simply log in with your username and password and view the days’ picks. Please note that if you log in before the posting time, you will see the previous day’s picks.

  • Do I place my bets through your website?
  • No. Our services include educating clients on money management and providing great picks backed by sound logic and experience. What the client then does with that information is entirely up to them. Where and how you choose to place the bets is not related to SPS and it is the sole responsibility of each individual to comply with their local governing laws.

  • How many picks will I receive?
  • This depends entirely on how many good sports investment opportunities our team of experts identify each night. On certain nights, you will receive as many as 4 plays and some nights, there will only be 1 pick. Our only goal is to profit; we don't feel the need to bet on every game and “forcing plays” is something we never do.

    Quality over quantity has always been the SPS motto as good investing is all about being selective. On average, there are 2 to 3 bets per night.

  • How are your plays rated? Are they all the same size?
  • Each pick is for 1-3 units meaning only 1% to 3% of the bankroll is risked on one game.

    The vast majority of picks are standard 2% bets but when great opportunities arise and our experts have even more reasons to be confident, they release 3% bets. Similarly if they feel a certain team has value but is only a 'lean', that will be a 1% bet.

  • Which sports do you offer predictions for?
  • 1) NFL
    2) NCAA College Football
    3) NBA
    4) NCAA College Basketball
    5) MLB Baseball
    6) International Soccer (World Cup and European Championships)

  • Is this a chase/progressive system?
  • Absolutely NOT and we STRONGLY advise against ALL such systems. Unlike our strict money management bankroll system, chase/progressive systems are all ultimately fatal despite short-term gains and will wipe out your bankroll.

  • Do you bet the picks you send out?
  • Yes, we bet every single pick that we release. It would make no sense for us to consistently put people on the right side of games but not take advantage of it ourselves! We bet big money on every game we send out and as a result we win and lose with our clients. That's why when we go through one of our trademark winning streaks we're just as ecstatic as our clients. Likewise, when we go through a rare rough patch, we suffer along with our clients and are the first ones to be determined to turn things around!

  • Do you fade the public?
  • Generally, the average sports bettor is on the wrong side of spreads because they are betting on big favorites or very popular teams such as the Yankees and the Lakers. We made a large chunk of our money in Baseball betting on Oakland A's and Baltimore Orioles in 2012 and that was just one example of betting against the public and being one step ahead. Of course by the time the season was coming to a close, everybody knew about Oakland and Baltimore and they started becoming more 'public' plays but at the beginning and mid-way, few had correctly predicted their potential.

    In any case, we do generally fade the public with our picks but keep in mind that sometimes the public side IS the right play and when that's the case, we're not afraid to temporarily side with Joe Public.

  • How does SPS compare to investing in stocks/bonds?
  • SPS clients increased their bankroll by 28.4% in September 2012, 20.2% in October 2012, 36% in January 2013 and by 25% in June! On certain months then, we've not only outperformed the S&P500 index and every mutual fund but have brought our clients a bigger return than they could have made off any other form of investment!

    There’s a higher risk betting on sports than investing in bonds or T-bills, but when done correctly in the framework of a disciplined bankroll system, it is safe and the rewards can be much greater. Not to mention, it's infinitely more fun to wager on and profit from sports than stocks.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  • At present, Sports Profit System does not have a money-back guarantee. It’s important to realize there are no guarantees when it comes to sports betting. Many of our competitors will advertise a money-back guarantee to attract new clients, but will never display a record of their picks. This is a very convenient strategy since they could be losing big every month, but will never admit it and continue to attract more customers with false claims of winning percentages and money-back guarantees. The truth is those companies will never refund your money, but will at best offer an extension of their services (which doesn’t cost them anything and might wipe out your bankroll if their picks are bad). Money-back guarantees might seem like a safety net and a good incentive when signing up for a handicapping service, but they don’t equate to winning and profiting long-term from sports betting. It’s important to find a quality service rather than a quick way out.

  • I've just signed up but am unable to log in to the Members Area. Why is that?
  • It sometimes takes a few hours for your account to be set up in the system. You should receive an email with your login and your unique password. Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder first before contacting us. If you still can’t find it, please send us an email or contact us Toll-Free at 1-866-491-0259 so we can resolve the issue.

  • I've just signed up and received your SPS Bankroll System instructions. Do I have to follow them exactly or can I bet whatever I like?
  • It is your decision what you do with your money but if you don't follow the exact instructions and disciplined bankroll system, you're taking much greater risks than advised. At that point, your success depends on you rather than on us. In order to succeed using the SPS program, you MUST read, understand and apply everything in the introductory email. SPS is not only focused on tonight or tomorrow’s picks but strives to profit the entire 2014!

  • I have lost money over the past week and my bankroll's taken a beating. Should I start betting bigger?
  • Absolutely NOT! “Chasing” is the #1 pitfall among gamblers. It's normal to win some and lose some and over the course of a long year (52 weeks), you will most likely have some losing weeks. NOBODY wins 52 weeks out of a year.

    You should resist the temptation to bet bigger than our suggested percentages REGARDLESS of whether you've recently been winning or losing. It's also a bad idea to start betting bigger when you're on a winning streak.

    Pick a bankroll you're comfortable with and then stay CONSISTENT with your unit size. Don't be fazed by temporary ups and downs; it’s all part of the game. Think of the big picture! By staying disciplined, you'll ensure that your losses are minimal when the inevitable losing streak comes around and that you are making lots of $$$ when the good times are here, which is most of the time.

  • I'm a current SPS member but can't log in today. Why is that?
  • If you had no problems logging in previously but are suddenly unable to do so today, it’s most likely because your membership has expired. You can renew/upgrade your membership by Clicking Here. Upon confirmation of payment your account will be unlocked and your username and password will work again.

  • What is a bankroll?
  • Your bankroll is the TOTAL amount of money you're putting aside for sports betting for the ENTIRE 2014. The SPS Bankroll System is the safest and most solid framework available to sports bettors worldwide and was designed for long-term success.* It is crucial to understand the concept of a bankroll and only bet the specified percentages rather than big sums of money on individual games. Put aside an amount you're comfortable with for the entire year, and you'll NEVER have to add to it again as no more deposits will be needed. By using the SPS system, you'll gradually increase your bankroll and enjoy wagering on sports throughout the year.

    * All members receive complete instructions to the SPS Bankroll System via email upon joining.

  • I'm interested in signing up. Can I order over the phone?
  • It's against company policy to take credit card information over the phone. All transactions are processed online through ClickBank*. Enter your name and email address** into the pink box on the right hand side and it'll take you to the order page. From there, simply click Get It Now on the package that interests you.

    * You do NOT need a ClickBank or Paypal account to become a member.

    ** The email address you enter into our website will be your username and your unique password will be sent to this email address. Please make sure it is a valid email address you have access to and use.

  • Will my credit card get re-charged automatically upon expiration of my subscription?
  • Absolutely not! SPS does NOT use recurring billing. Upon expiration of the subscription, the client must manually renew their subscription by purchasing a new membership plan if they would like to continue using our services. Please note we do not store or collect credit card information.

  • Do I need to provide a telephone number when signing up?
  • Unlike others services, SPS does NOT ask for your telephone number and has no record of it. As such, you can rest assured you will never receive unwanted telephone calls from SPS or have your number given out to other businesses or call centers. We take our customers’ privacy very seriously.

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